Professional Foundation and Further Training in
Applied Biographical Development
based on Spiritual Science

Pre-Birth, Life Phase to 63, Metamorphosis and Resonance,
Gender, Double, Shadow, Soul Capacities, Spiritual Faculties,
Karma Transformation, Destiny Development, Destiny Freedom from 63 to 99,
Substance Epistemology, Self-Evaluation, Certification and Community Building.

After you have read the following documents carefully (see pdf downloads),
you are most welcome to get in contact with the direction first in writing via:

Foundation and Further Training : Cycles 2022 - 2026
For professionals active in fields like adult education, teaching,
fine arts, therapy, nursing, medicine, consultancy, coaching, counselling,
curative education, psychotherapy, pastoral care, social and hospice
work, astrology, personnel and organisation development.
DE : 2020-2023 Foundation and Further Training pdf.Download
RO : 2022-2025 Training Profesional Aprofundat pdf Download
CH : 2024-2026 Foundation and Further Training pdf.Download

Curriculum : Cycles 2022 - 2026
Coherent spiritual-scientific relationships between categories of study,
learning, practise, applied mediums and work with biography are
mediated by developing and applying interdisciplinary language.
DE : 2020-2023 Curricula pdf.Download
RO : 2022-2025 Curriculum pdf Download
CH : 2024-2026 Curriculum pdf.Download

Self-Certification : Cycles 2022 - 2026
The individual practitioner is primarily responsible for evaluating
the degree of their own ability to do, that for which they are trained,
or that for which they are called; recognising that further schooling
and self-assessment are a professional priority.
DE : 2020-2023 Self-Certification pdf.Download
RO : 2022-2025 Documentatia-Eu pdf Download
CH : 2024-2026 Self-Certification pdf.Download