Biographæa ®

Further Professional Training Modules
in Applied Biographical Development
based on Anthroposophy


  Prebirth, Life Phases to 63, Metamorphosis and Resonance
  Gender, Double, Shadow, Soul Capacities and Spiritual Faculties
  Karma Resources and Ripening into Destiny Freedom from 63 to 99
  Substance Observation, Self-Evaluation, Certification and Community


Training Profesional Aprofundat
în Dezvoltarea Biografică Aplicată
avand ca bază Antroposofia

Biographæa ® 2015 - 2018
Gabriela Chelariu
Claudiu Pănculescu:

Further Training in Biography Work 
and Consciousness Schooling

Germany - Switzerland - Netherlands

Intensive further training seminars continue as requested.